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Posted 02/19/2018

16 New High-Rises That Will Redefine How People Live in the C

The Sophie

Developer: Stolz Partners

Address: 6017 Memorial Drive

Expected Completion Date: Fall 2018

Even the building’s name is a nod to sophistication, the driving force of designer Jerry Hooker’s vision which is inspired by icons from Chanel’s little black dress to the classic New York apartment houses of Rosario Candela and Robert Stern. But the most striking feature may be that every residence comes with its own private outdoor living space, with some of those green retreats measuring as large as 1,000 square feet.

“This is certainly the first condo project in Houston, and maybe anywhere, where everyone has their own private outdoor living spaces,” Hooker says. “These are 39 custom homes.”

The Moderne Rice Village

Developer: 1 Tangley 2016 LP

Address: 2406 Tangley Road

Completion Date: Early 2018

Jacob Sudhoff brings a youthful touch to a Houston development scene still largely dominated by graybeards used to doing things a certain way — and there is no building where this may show more than at his Rice Village find. There is only one residence per floor. Sudhoff knows that when you’re asking Houstonians to leave sprawling houses and spend millions on a condo, size and privacy matters.

Run into Sudhoff at an opening and it sometimes seems like his iPhone is attached to his body. He knows tech — and the modern art of convenience. So maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise when he lets it slip that he’s considering using a drone delivery service at The Moderne.

“You need to be thinking three, five, 10 years ahead when you’re planning these buildings,” Sudhoff says. “You can’t become outdated.”

The River Oaks

Developer: Richard Leibovitch, Arel Capital

Address: 3433 Westheimer Road

Expected Completion Date: Early 2018

When the mailroom’s been obsessed over — and made into “the best mailroom in all of Houston, maybe anywhere,” in developer Richard Leibovitch’s words — you know the twin $10 million penthouses and lavish garden townhomes will be showstoppers. With this high-rise, which converted rather than completely demolished the 17-story River Oaks Luxury Apartments that stood on this land, the anticipation is real.

“This is my baby,” Leibovitch says. “We’ve done a number of buildings in New York, and they’re great and all, but this is truly special. This is the one where I’m going to come back in 50 years and say, “We built that.

Designed by EDI International and Rottet Group, with landscape architects McDugald-Steele, and marketed by Sudhoff Companies, the signature building has a staggering giant 13,229-square-foot penthouse and another that comes in at 6,541 square feet. There are also three-bedroom garden residences and one-, two- and three-bedroom tower condominiums.

The Revere at River Oaks

Developer: Pelican Builders

Address: 2325 Welch

Expected Completion Date: 2019

Legendary Houston developer Robert Bland envisions this mid-rise as Houston’s version of a Park Avenue palace. The large white walls, rather than the all windows approach of many of these buildings, is designed to appeal to serious art collectors.

Like a number of next wave buildings, The Revere is geared toward attracting current Houstonians rather than transplants.

“We expect that the majority of our residents will come from a five-mile radius from the property,” Bland says. “These are apartments built for people used to living in very large homes.”

The smallest units measure in at 2,621 square feet for the Brentwood floor plan to more than 4,000 square feet for the Inverness plan.

Mandell Montrose

Developer: Midtown/Uptown Development Partners

Address: 2312 Commonwealth

Expected Completion Date:  2019

One of Houston’s most coveted and eclectic neighborhoods also has been one of the slowest sky-high lifestyle adopters. Some developers argue it’s just not a Montrose thing. Mandell Montrose wants to change that. This new seven-story, 24-unit mid-rise took over the site of another canceled mid-rise but it’s a completely new, ultra upscale vision.

Designed by the Mirador Group and inspired in part by New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, this building will only have four condos per floor, giving everyone a corner unit — and plenty of space (residences average 2,400 square feet). Outdoor terraces are standard.

Sitting just a few blocks from Westheimer Road, Mandell certainly will be in the heart of Houston’s restaurant epicenter. More importantly, it’s a building designed to look like it always belonged in the city’s most arty neighborhood.

Giorgetti Houston

Developer: Stolz Partners

Address: 2701 Steel Street

Expected Completion Date: Late 2018

Every new building’s marketing campaign claims it is stylish, sophisticated and trendsetting.  At some point the words threaten to become as hollow as a politician’s rhetoric. But Giorgetti is one new building where style is embedded into its core. This 32-unit, seven-story mid-rise is focused around a unique partnership with the Italian furniture maker. The first floor lobby will be decked out in Giorgetti furniture and the company’s handcrafted kitchen and bathroom cabinets and custom closets will give each residence its own stylish foundation.

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The Giorgetti is raising the bar on what plush sky-high living will be in Houston.

Mimosa Terrace

Developer: Cityscape

Address: 2240 Mimosa Drive

Expected Completion Date: Not Yet Determined

Why can’t you have a yard in the sky? This new seven-story, 11-unit Upper Kirby mid-rise project aims to redefine how people look at green spaces in condominiums. Mimosa Terrace’s units come with a terrace, some as large as 3,200 square feet. With a maximum of two units per floor, Cityscape chief designer Victoria Lee has enough room to make the outdoor spaces a real priority.

Then again, with residences ranging from 4,400 square feet to the 9,800 square-foot, top-floor penthouse, space itself is one of Mimosa’s biggest luxuries.