Architecture & Planning

We add value to every element of a development by leveraging the strengths and efficiencies gained through our strategic alliances. We are partnered with a progressive architectural firm that delivers expertise across all commercial and residential disciplines, including building, landscape, and interior architecture as well as interior design. Other partnerships include a trendsetting staging company, a redevelopment and planning firm, and a furniture company.

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Urban Land Planning

Vernon Henry & Associates

Redevelopment of our beloved inner cities takes sensitivity, discernment, and vision. For half a century our renowned planning partner has helped to shape and reshape urban landscapes – breathing new life and prosperity into our legendary neighborhoods and communities.

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Architecture & Interiors

Mirador Group

Our approach to architecture and interiors goes far beyond the structure. We develop a master vision for the land, the buildings, the grounds, the materials and finishes, and ultimately our place in the surrounding community. This holistic model accelerates sales and enhances returns.

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Casa is a collection of exclusive brands that elevate room interiors to peerless levels of refined Italian lifestyle. Our brands cover every detail, from advanced flooring below to superior lighting overhead, and all the finest fixtures and furnishings in between, always aligned with client budgets. Our experienced consultants guide developers, builders, designers, architects, hoteliers and homeowners in fashioning every property into its own embodiment of luxury, elegance and functional perfection.

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